Technical Capabilities

WAAS is known as the key partner for research in Ethiopia. We have a strong team that understands language and local settings in the country, and they speak local languages as well as English. Our teams on the ground speak these languages and they are well versant with the different regions of the country in order to ensure efficiency when executing a project or any scope/ coverage.

Our partners who commission us for research especially for the above references assigned us the following activities which we were able to deliver with precision:

      1. Instrument design (Designing and alignment to local context)
      2. Sampling: Designing sample sizes based on scope of study
      3. Translations: Translating questionnaires in the different languages in Ethiopia based on Regional coverage (Amharic, Somali, Oromia, Tigray etc.). This also includes back translating to English.
      4. Programming: Preparing scripts using our programs and pre-testing before survey production
      5. Training teams: Preparing training materials, recruiting teams, and training the team to ensure they are fieldwork ready. We also conduct pilots and debriefs before we officially launch a study for fieldwork
      6. Field management: We ensure proper alignment on logistics of data collection, especially in the rural areas where we have to hire vehicles for the teams to access these areas
      7. Progress updates: Ensuring regular updates to keep our clients up to date with the project and communicating any issues, delays or challenges foreseen.
      8. Quality checks: We have quality checks at each stage of the survey and especially during data collection where we have a team that ensures the projects are running as expected and reporting back on any issues observed such as wrong SPs, wrong respondents, wrong interviewing, misinterpretation, errors, etc.
      9. Analysis and Reporting: We have a team that is involved with analysis and reporting and ensures this is done based on the client briefs, requests.