Operational Capability

At WAAS we use mixed methodologies. Telephonic data collection (CATI), CAPI, Face to Face using paper and online interviewing. We are also up to date on technology in collecting and storing data to ensure we offer our clients high-quality standards, efficiency, and intelligence. With our trained and sizeable workforce, we are able to complete large volumes of work in the least amount of time, without any compromise on the quality.

We are technologically advanced by using the most up-to-date equipment and applications for collecting data:

Mobile Data Collection (CAPI)

We use mobile data collection for 80%+ of our projects based on the Android platform. Our enumerators have been trained on mobile data collection and have the experience to use the different platforms we use based on client needs.

We also offer centralized monitoring where:

        • All data received can be checked by our data monitoring manager in our data operations department in real time.
        • Any data inconsistencies can be highlighted, and supervisors can be contacted while they are still in an area to address any queries or rectify any data inconsistencies.

We also have inbuilt quality checks:

        • Silent recording: this is where we record a part of the questionnaire to validate that indeed an interview took place
        • Interview length: the gadgets record the start and stop of every questionnaire and check on the questionnaire length. This is part of our quality check that identifies outliers and ‘suspicious’ surveys that would need to be validated.
        • GPS location services and Geo-Fencing: monitoring and tracking using the location services. We create an alert system where should an enumerator stray from the geographically intended sampling point; he/she is flagged for the query.

This means that Ipsos is able to provide the location of the respondent which can be used as a quality control measure to assess the extent to which the survey has comprehensive geographical coverage.

Quality Control checks and measures at WAAS

We ensure that all surveys are subject to rigorous quality control procedures, especially in relation to instrument design, sampling, fieldwork, data processing, and statistical procedures such as weighting.

We use the best techniques and practices that are consistent with market research global standards and systems, ensuring the fulfillment of clients’ needs with the highest quality standards.

A quality assurance framework is implemented for all studies to ensure that we observe the best practice at each phase. Our quality control procedures are open and transparent, and our clients are invited to inspect the procedures. We also work collaboratively with our clients to ensure data quality at every stage of the research process.

Quicker and more efficient data collection time period

As highlighted earlier, we have on the ground research capacity with a well-spread in-country field team in all regions across Ethiopia. The teams (supervisors, enumerators, coordinators) are familiar with the various local languages and cultural intricacies. With this team, we are able to train, brief, and implement this study in a relatively short period of time. We cover 6 working days per week for data collection with a complete servicing of all methodologies.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

WAAS is committed to conducting research in an ethical fashion upholding the dignity, respect of research participants. This has made us proud members of ESOMAR, of Africa Market Research Association (AMRA), and PAMRO.

Data management

We use the latest versions of leading market research analysis software such as SPSS, Quantum, and Telmar. We also have a data team that conducts data checks, coding, and data analysis.