Welcome to WAAS International

WAAS International is one of the longest-serving and leading market and social research providers in Ethiopia, and preferred partner for both local and international clients. We are technically sound, knowledgeable of the local context with extensive experience in designing and implementing research studies across Ethiopia including surveying hardship areas. Our firm is locally based Ethiopian with a sound understanding of the Ethiopian market, with highly qualified implementing teams that understand the market and cultural intricacies.

We deliver research and advisory services, specific market research solutions such as feasibility, sizing, consumer research, market landscape, and other market research solutions as well as social research specifically governance, monitoring evaluations, and other impact assessment surveys. We also provide the most reliable technical oversight, data collection, and analysis which helps us deliver to our clients’ results that are insightful and stand up to scrutiny.

We are a privately-owned Ethiopian research company that was established in 1990 as WAAS Associates but later was restructured and renamed WAAS International Plc. in 1994. We have specialized in delivering studies with a high level of accuracy, reliability, and integrity of data, based on strong analysis of the risks inherent in achieving high-quality data collection. Over the years, we have developed highly accurate and efficient methods of conducting research and have extensive geographical and local knowledge aiding our fieldwork.

We have a fully-fledged office based in the capital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with more than 35 full-time staff and about 300 associate staff in Ethiopia who are called upon short notices for field activities. We coordinate research work across the country as well as work with partners in neighboring countries in East Africa. Over the years, we have developed highly accurate and efficient methods of conducting research on behalf of our clients and partners both locally and globally. Our research team includes highly experienced interviewers, team leaders, and supervisors with support from the local team of experts within the organization.

Our vision remains intact: to make research one of the primary means of understanding our society, and to make WAAS the strategic partner for those who wish to better understand Ethiopia. Our distinct value proposition and service culture, coupled with our track record of successful service delivery, have enabled us to build enduring relationships with our clients. We come with some advantages for any partnership:

      • Ethical employment and business operational guidelines based on regular audits
      • Adherence to high-quality codes of conduct and guidelines
      • Local expertise and experience that enables us to bring learnings to this research
      • Access to a wide network of sector consultants across East Africa with specific expertise

With proven experience in multi-geography and multilingual research studies, we offer the best-in-class solutions. This, along with our robust partnerships, supports our clients to reduce their research costs substantially because we bring on board:

      • A Broad Technology base – with diverse services
      • Flexibility – Customized Solutions
      • Expertise – trained and experienced team with diverse cultural backgrounds
      • Quick reaction to market needs
      • Cutting edge services
      • Value for money services