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GIZ Nutrition survey 2020

The special initiative ONE WORLD – No Hunger (SEWOH) addresses hunger and malnutrition. WAAS conducted this survey in the program areas (Amhara and Tigray Region states). The program has interventions and control kebeles under each region and the survey was conducted in both intervention and control kebele. We used qualitative and quantitative approaches.


For the quantitative approach a total of N=1,200 samples in Tigray, 400 samples from the intervention and 400 samples from the control kebeles, and in Amhara, 200 samples from the control and 200 samples from the intervention kebeles were conducted. For the qualitative research, a total of 5 FGD were conducted in both regions. In Tigray, 3 groups were conducted, 2 groups in the intervention area and 1 group in the control area. In Amhara, 1 group in the control area and 1 group in the intervention area.


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