Market Research

We help our clients make informed decisions by understanding the market, brands and consumers using research. The range of studies we conduct include:

  1. Market Understanding & Feasibility Surveys
  2. Census and Market Mapping
  3. Brand Tracking Surveys
  4. Usage & Attitude Surveys
  5. Segmentation surveys and brand positioning
  6. Product , pack , brand name, Concept and add  development and Testing
  7. Market sizing & Measurement Surveys ( retail audits) …

Social Research

We support policy makers,  public and private entities, and non-governmental organisations in uncovering insights through the following surveys among others:

  1. Baseline surveys / needs assessment and demand studies:
    - understanding prevailing conditions before programs are implemented.
  2. Impact assessment/project evaluation surveys (midline & end line surveys):
    - we measure progress and impact of projects implemented by various stakeholders.
  3. Opinion polling on various topics (e.g. economic dispensation of Ethiopia).

Media & Communication Surveys

Using this approach, we support our stakeholders in:

  1. Understanding media awareness in the country.
  2. Media consumption habits of the population.
  3. Communication testing:
    pre, mid and post advertisement testing in the market for various stakeholders.

feedback, review, opinions

Our Research Capability, Expertise & Management

Over the years, we have developed expertise by divesting and improving our capacity in research, currently we have capacity and experience in:

  • Business to Business Interviews (B2B’s)research, surveys, interviewing
  • Business to Consumer Interviewees
  • Mystery Shopping Surveys
  • Mystery Calling Surveys
  • Diary Placement and recalls

Quantitative Research

  • Pen and Paper (PAPI)
  • Computer Aided Personal Interviews (CAPI)
  • Computer Aided Telephone Interviews (CATI)
  • Online research

Qualitative Research

  • Focus group discussions (including through video links)
  • In-depth interviews (IDI’s)
  • Key Informant Interviews (KII’s)
  • Consumer Immersions
  • Ethnography

Our Quality Control Protocols

WAAS adheres to strict quality control protocols. This is an assurance that the integrity of the research  process is guaranteed. Some of the quality control measures that will be undertaken are as follows:

  1. Project Sign Off:
    WAAS insists on client sign off of all study instruments /materials before fieldwork and complete transparency during field work .
  2. Briefing and training of field staff:
    Project personnel will undergo rigorous training prior to commencement of the study to induct them on the study background, objectives and methodology. (Training schedules based on project requirements)

    Quality Control: Think, plan, act

  3. Monitoring of auditors and back checks:
    15% accompaniments and 20%  physical back checks and call backs of interviews per enumerator. 
  4. Supervisor/interviewer Ratio:
    1:5 ratio of supervisor to interviewer per team to allow maximum supervision. 
  5. Calibre of staff:
    The  interviewers used will be of high calibre and have experience in conducting similar or related studies.

Note: Sample clients and surveys will be shared in detailed upon request.