Cashless Society 2

Rwanda moves swiftly towards cashless society

09-05-2017 WAAS

This article was originally published at Biz Community Editor’s note: There is no doubt that going cashless brings many benefits to any society. However, it creates other problems due to 100% reliance on tech (networks, security, […]

Most cyber crime is an inside job

Most Cyber Attacks are an Inside Job

08-05-2017 WAAS

According to IBM, most cyber attacks are an inside job. Therefore if you are a manager or a business owner…well…you should always “mind your business.” Most #cyberattacks Are An Inside Job #Cybersecurity #Business #Hackers #defstar5 […]

Real entrepreneurs conduct Market Research
Market Research

Conducting Market Research

12-05-2016 WAAS

You may have a great idea for a product or service, but before you go any further, first make sure there’s a market for it. […]